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Fresh Summit 2012: Beyond the Kale

Fresh Summit 2012: Beyond the Kale

Last week for SN, I wrote about the mainstream success of kale and other dark green leafy vegetables. There are many retailers and suppliers that are experimenting with different ways to prepare kale. On the expo floor today, I saw companies that are taking kale even further.

Brad's Raw Foods makes kale chips in a half dozen different varieties. Since the chips are part of the raw food diet, they are not baked or fried. Instead, Brad's dehydrates fresh kale and adds seeds and spices to make a flavorful snack food. I tried the Natural Nacho, which packs a little kick.

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Apparently sometimes kale looks too good to eat. The Elite Bouquet has started incorporating the vegetable into floral arrangements. Kale is one of the company's premium products.

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