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The Friday Five: Schadenfreude edition

Normally we hate being the bearer of bad news, but sometimes reading about others' misfortunes can make us feel better about ourselves. Here are the top stories from around the web you may have missed this week.

Goldman Sachs: Supermarket groups must close one in five stores
The Telegraph looks at a report from Goldman Sachs analysts that recommends the major U.K. supermarket chains will have to close 20% of stores in order to turn around poor performance.

Here’s who’s really winning Canada’s grocery wars
It’s not Walmart, Target, Loblaw or Metro, despite all their efforts to grow market share. Global News says Costco has quietly become the fastest-growing food retailer in Canada.

New rules could drive supermarket chains out of Hungary, lobby says
The Hungarian government wants to shut down foreign retailers like Tesco and Aldi if they fail to make a profit for two years, Reuters reports.

Root of all evil: Vegetables in NYC gardens are ‘toxic’
Community gardens are a great idea — except if you actually want to eat the produce, because New York’s soil is contaminated with lead, the New York Post discovers.

Terrible people create fake Amazon pages, convince Walmart to price-match them
Walmart’s new price-matching policy went awry when dishonest consumers showed PS4 consoles “for sale” on Amazon for a fraction of the actual cost, according to Consumerist.

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