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Fun with Foodies

Fun with Foodies

foodies_barcelona.jpgSure, it’s important to play up value and low prices in these tough times, but wellness marketers should also make sure they don’t forget about their biggest fans — those affluent, in-the-know consumers for whom organic and free-range aren’t just impulse purchases (and who may very well have their own blog).

They need to make sure they’re catering to the foodies.

According to a recent Packaged Facts report, 31 million adults in the U.S. (14% of the population) classify themselves as such. That’s a sizeable chunk of the shopping populace who, according to the report, has a sophisticated knowledge of food and the food industry. On the one hand, this means they are loyal to the products they love and truly appreciate when something is low in sodium or free of artificial colorings. It also means, however, that they hold the retailers they shop to a high standard. Label apples from three states away as local, and they may walk.

What’s most important about this category of shopper, according to the report, is that their tastes represent the future of the American palate. This means retailers should not only stock the gourmet, healthy products that foodies are looking for — they should give them an opportunity to provide feedback.

Foodies are an opinionated bunch, so it’s likely they’ll open right up. And what they say could give a much-needed edge to the retailer who listens.