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Future Connect’s Biggest Impact

My main insight about the just-completed Future Connect relates to the audience it served.

There were lots of attendees who you don’t see at senior-level executive conferences. These were somewhat younger folks, many of whom are rising in organizations.

Conference speakers understood this. They made sure to explain things a bit differently for this group. When retailers spoke about their own companies, there was a bit more background about those organizations, the kind of facts that wouldn’t be necessary at a conference geared to top executives.

That was all to the good because much of Future Connect’s mission is to educate future leaders.

It did a good job in this regard. The general sessions and various learning tracks focused on topics relevant to a wide group of attendees.

There were ample opportunities to interact, at networking sessions and during parts of the program in which attendees were encouraged to discuss topics with others at their tables.

Those interactions were, in fact, real eye openers. People were very candid about their challenges and passions.

Visitors left Dallas not only with new insights, but also with new people to stay in contact with. That may represent Future Connect’s most lasting impact of all.