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Generation Gap

A cross-generational panel of bloggers and consultants dicussed their shopping preferences and frustrations this morning.

Generation Xer Isabel Villegas, director of Jack Morton Latino said that although Hispanics are traditionally national brand-loyal, private brand marketers are making inroads with Gen X and first generation Hispanics who are beginning to recognize the quality store brands possess. Villegas, who refers to herself as the "Latina Liason," is even influencing her unacculturated parents. "My mom is now opening up to private labels and coupons," she said.

Georgane Bender is a vibrant 55-year old, and although she's officially a baby boomer don't lump her in with members who are ten years her senior. "If you call me a senior citizen, forget it I'm not coming back," she said. She also doesnt want to have to strain to reach products on the shelf. "It's hard to reach way up or way down, labels are sometimes too tiny and we need better lighting in order to see, but it can't be too bright or too dim." Shiny white floors are also very scary for her elderly mother-in-law who she frequently shops with, so carpeted floors make sense.

Alma Klein authors the Social Media Moms blog and is a member of Generation X. She's got small kids and steers clear of processed foods. Her grocery needs are fulfilled with private labels at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and she heads to small grocery stores in Chicago to fulfill her produce needs. Meatless meals are one way she eats healthy on a budget. She uses rices and beans to stretch a meal, and said that healthy recipes that moms can make with their kids are very hot right now.

Sasha Muradali is a millenial who lives in Manhattan and finds eating out less expensive than shopping for groceries. She relies on the supermarket for "college basics" like milk, bread, and cheese but calls her mom for advice about brands in other cateogires. She loves coupons distributed via tweet but loathes text message offers since they're cluttering her phone.