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Get Customers Ready for 2010

Get Customers Ready for 2010

Some events just happen — whether we’re ready or not — and the arrival of the New Year is one of them. Gift giving is still a very big part of the holiday season, either as host/hostess gifts or for that person that somehow missed your first go-round.

wtl-photos.jpgSoul-searching is also there as we ponder the old year and contemplate our goals for the new one. So here are some ideas that might add some strength to our customers making resolutions on the wellness path!

• Think wellness for those last-minute or hostess gifts. There are gift baskets with assortments of natural soaps, lotions and other health and beauty products. Teas, coffees and beverages bundled with some whole grain crackers or granola set the stage for a healthier new year. For the person with a special diet, an assortment of gluten-free pasta and sauce, baking mixes or ready-to-eat goodies are welcomed. Assemble some herb and spice assortments and other lower-sodium flavor-adders with the theme to update your spice rack lower your salt intake!

• Focus on a new Be-good-to-yourself theme, with an emphasis on moving toward organically grown items and products that otherwise fit into the natural category. This includes every aisle and department throughout the supermarket and leaves the customer with a message: Take a step toward health in 2010.

• Demonstrate and sample foods with a “super foods” image. Right now, there are plenty of candidates out there, including ground flax seed, green tea, nuts, whole grain pastas and berries, among others.

• Feature classes with a registered dietitian on setting New Year’s resolutions that stick, or sessions on healthful food options or even a Soup Month. Yep, that last one is coming and it is healthy.

• Add some lower-fat cheeses and whole grain crackers to your deli and take-out trays to give provide customers with a healthful party tray option.

• Assemble some ideas for non-alcoholic beverages that add nutrition to the gathering where they’re served. Beyond the New Year’s celebration we are looking at indoor play-off tailgating and Super Bowl Sunday parties. Build some healthy and safe options into the store’s mix.

Enjoy the season, and let’s all have a healthful 2010!

(Photo credit: WTL Photos)