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Healthy Store Halloween Promotions

Healthy Store Halloween Promotions

halloween_card.jpgRather than distributing candy this Halloween, try providing tasty treats and seasonal fun that support your health and wellness focus.

A bowl filled with apples, bananas, oranges and clementines allows children to select a fresh fruit, while emphasizing healthy eating habits. Small boxes of raisins are another possibility. To help defray the cost, partner with a vendor and offer signage or other recognition.

Still consider candy to be the holiday staple? Use sugar-free, natural or organic candies.

Companies, such as Dole, have printed materials, including The Dole Counting Book, for young children, and Kid’s Cookbook, for grade school children. Adding one to a recyclable shopping bag is a perfect start to a store-branded goodie bag.

Dole’s SuperKids coloring pages can be copied and distributed. These could be used in a coloring contest, entries returned on Halloween for a treat, and the picture displayed in the store. Older children could be challenged by a multi-media collage contest, featuring fresh fruits and vegetables.

Another possibility is to encourage middle school children to submit a healthy Halloween recipe and create a follow-up event, which includes recognition. This will bring family members back to the store. Organizations, like the Washington Apple Commission, are a great resource. Games and activities are located on their web site. Check out their poster and writing contests for ideas, too.

And, the costume contest? Ever thought about challenging children to dress up as their favorite healthy foods? It may be a bit nutty, but even adults are entertained by an appearance of the Planter’s Peanut.

Don’t make a “ghostly connection” with young shoppers. Create a Halloween experience that is healthy, unique and fun through creativity and a partnership with another organization that is equally committed to health and wellness.

[Photo credit: Riptheskull/Dave]