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Hot Dog-Flavored Potato Chips

Hot Dog-Flavored Potato Chips


One takeaway from the PLMA show is that traditional supermarkets are facing more private-label competition from all channels, including online grocers, drug stores and convenience stores.

That message was clear in the "Idea Supermarket," a section of the PLMA show designed to give attendees product ideas. There was one section devoted to private label at online retailers Fresh Direct and Peapod. I knew all about Fresh Direct's private-label kids meals, but was surprised to see that Fresh Direct has its own brand of mineral water and honey roasted peanut butter.

Then there's 7 Eleven. In another area of the Idea Supermarket, several shelves featured the convenience store chain's expanding 7 Select store brand, line, which not only includes confections, cookies and juices, but also its very own Big Bite-brand of hot dog flavored potato chips.

And who can ignore the Nice brand from Walgreens' and Just the Basics from CVS?

As traditional supermarkets continue to build their own lines, it behooves them to take notice of how private-label is becoming an increasingly important part of other businesses.