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IDDBA 2013: Play Ball

IDDBA 2013: Play Ball

In Harold Lloyd's presentation "Better Up! Grand Slam Bakery Ideas" he took the show's sports theme to a new level. A level that involved wearing a basball jersey and carrying a baseball bat. 

Here are a few of his ideas for a better in-store deli and bakery:

*Give all managers a $500 development fund each year to better their skills. Lloyd said he had his employees write up a proposal for how they'd like to spend the money — whether it be on a trade show or something else.

*Use floor decals for better customer visibility. (Lloyd noted that these wear out, but are affordable to replace regularly.)

*Put your best employees on the schedule during the busiest hours aka "Have your aces in their places."

*Add "new item" signs to new products. Lloyd said these labeled products generally have a 48% increase in sales compared to unlabeled ones. 

*After 30 days employed, Lloyd suggests giving employees "goodie bags" with private label products so they become brand advocates.

*Use round numbers for prices. Lloyd said 2 for $6 motivates customers more than prices ending in .99.

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