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It’s All about Taste

It’s All about Taste

When on vacation, the last thing I think about is eating healthy. It’s not until my return, when faced with the reality of a snug waist band on my pants, that I focus on better eating habits. However, on my last day in Austria, a quick trip past the outdoor market provided early inspiration.

The fruits and vegetables were brilliant with color, despite the dreary and rainy day. The earthy aroma of fresh produce wafted through the air. But most importantly, the taste didn’t disappoint.

Supermarkets spend a great deal of time merchandising. The correct lighting can highlight the beautiful colors found in fresh fruits and vegetables. One can be enticed by the smell of a cantaloupe. But, it is the taste that influences customers to continue to buy produce from a specific grocery store.

So with all of the time and money dedicated to merchandising, it’s critical the product itself exudes the quality you are trying to showcase. After all, produce can offer greater margin opportunities, so it’s important to build loyal shoppers in this category.

Locally-grown produce provides the freshest option for displays. And, customers know this. So, be sure to fully highlight these items in your marketing materials. And, what about the fruits and vegetables that must be transported from a significant distance? That’s where having a top-notch produce category team is essential. Are they permitted to pay a cent or two more to buy the best-tasting, quality produce available? Or, does the emphasis on margin override the decision to invest in a long-term strategy that builds a customer following because you offer great tasting, healthy options from this category?

We’ve all eaten a tomato that tastes like cardboard or bit into a mealy and semi-tasteless apple. How consistent are you in providing yummy fruits and vegetables that keep shoppers coming back for more?

In the end, this approach can keep the cash register ringing and help support your organization’s commitment to health and wellness.

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