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Label Claims Under the Gun

Watch out. There’s a posse of consumers riding the health and wellness landscape, ready to launch a raid on any company found to be making suspect claims about their products. They’re looking to bring outlaw declarations to justice.

It doesn’t matter how big you are. First, it was coconut water makers O.N.E. and Vita Coco — two of the hottest companies in that beverage space.

Now Kellogg’s and ConAgra have been rounded up for making suspicious claims on packages and in advertising.

In the ConAgra case, the plaintiffs charge that the company is using genetically modified corn and soy in their Wesson-brand oils, and makes a mockery of the “all-natural” claim. Over at Kellogg’s, the suit revolves around the use of alleged synthetic and non-natural ingredients, which goes against the company’s all-natural mantra.

Are the claims specious? That’s hard to determine. But the very fact that consumers are waging these battles says a lot about their disposition towards natural and organic foods, and the halo of health that, now, seems to be pierced by a new wave of skepticism and suspicion.