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Make Mine a Double

In the World of Wellness, beverages are the new black. Lifestyle consumers are wearing the latest style in tonics, infusions and botanicals from the inside out. Most are all-natural, and some have specific functions, but they are all highly sophisticated and have a good dose of science behind them (of course, sleek packaging and savy marketing are part of the effort, too).

Here's a few examples of what we're seeing this year:

Tizane, what's being billed as the nation's first line of premium botanical infusions. Offered in Hibiscus, Lemongrass and Jasmine, the drinks are sweetened with blue agave and weigh in at 60-80 calories per 12-ounce bottle.

Mix1 is extending its line of all-natural protein and antioxidant drinks with a new high-antioxidant fiber drink, offering the equivalent of nine servings of fruits and veggies,complemented with eight grams of soluble fiber and nine grams of whey protein isolate in one 11-ounce container.

NuVitae Fiberceutical Drink, a sparkling citrus beverage that combines the health benefits of 50% of your recommended daily value of fiber with the added benefit of vitamins and minerals.

Cell-nique, an all-natural beverage containing 31 "super foods," 400% of your daily Vitamin C and 330% of your daily Vitamin E with no sugar added and ingredients that promise to increase energy and speed metabolism.

LightFull Satiety Smoothies, another fiber- and protein-loaded drink that helps promote and prolong the release of CCK – the hormone that tells your brain you feel full. Each smoothie packs 5 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

And this is only a sip of what's on the floor! In the interest of balance, I'll leave off with one of the simplest concoctions we found today: Deluxe Honeydrop, honey-infused beverages made with water, a bit of organic honey, and organic fruit. Ahhh....