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Need a Recipe? Ask Price Chopper

Need a Recipe? Ask Price Chopper

healthy-recipes.jpgAccording to a recent survey from Booz & Company, 43% of consumers are eating out less, and 35% are packing their lunch for work. That’s a tough break for the restaurant industry, but it’s clearly an opportunity for supermarkets willing step in and provide healthy meals, recipes and more to increasingly frugal shoppers.

Many are doing just that. Price Chopper this week announced a partnership with EatingWell magazine aimed at producing quick, good-for-you recipes for readers and customers. These will come available in stores, on Price Chopper’s website — via a new “Eating Well” tab that appears at the top of the page — as well as through EatingWell’s print edition and cookbooks.

Meijer is also looking to simplify shoppers’ lives. The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based retailer said yesterday that it would partner with author and TV show host Katie Brown to develop recipes and lifestyle programs. Brown, who hosts “Katie Brown Workshop” on PBS, will also work with the company to develop new products and marketing strategies.

And then there are the in-store demo and meal programs that Publix, Schnucks and others are bringing back into style. These offer an opportunity to impart recipes, promote new products, and — perhaps best of all — add a little sizzle to the shopping experience.

Food as theater? In a supermarket? Now there’s a thought.