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New Product Pacesetters

My first full day at summit started and ended with music.

Presentations kicked off with a mini flash mob of performers planted in the audience to sing "Don't Stop Believing," and ended with "We Are The Champions," played four times before the New Product Pacesetter's session got underway.

2010 "winners," or marketers of products with the highest year-one sales, truly are champions considering the shrinking size of shoppers' pantries from 400 items 4 years ago, to 360 today.

The most successful new consumable have health, with an indulgent spin and portability in common.

The top 10 are:

1. Powerade Ion4 - helps replace four electrolytes lost in sweat, $190.5 million in sales

2. Chobani Greek Yogurt -portable and high in protein, one of the most highly sought nutrients, $149.4 million

3. Wondeful Pistachios - the lowest fat and calorie nut, $114.1 million

4. Glaceau Vitaminwater zero - a zero calorie beverage, $110.3 million

5. Nature's Pride bread - 100% natural, $80.8 million

6. Trop50 - half the sugar and calories of regular OJ, $74.4 million

7. Thomas' Better Start english muffins - high in fiber and portable, $74.2 million

8. Green Mountain Coffee k-cups - quick and easy home brewing, $62.1 million

9. Budweiser Select 55 - indulgent but with fewer calories, $59.9 million

10. Trident Layers gum - innovative flavors in a sugar-free gum, $53.9 million