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Next Generation Bags

Next Generation Bags

Can’t afford to accessorize with a new cellphone or color-coordinated netbook? Then how about a reusable lunch bag?

A&P is taking the next step into eco-chic by introducing a line of five lunch totes made of post-consumer waste materials, to debut in February at all A&P banners, including The Food Emporium, Pathmark, and Waldbaum’s.

ap-lunch-bags-021.jpgThe chain, based in Montvale, N.J., was among the first to come out with reusable shopping bags a couple of years ago. I recall they had pretty bold graphics. These lunch bags must have the same designer.

The color combos include bright blue and yellow, red and white check, and orange, brown and yellow (shown). What’s not depicted here is the related verbiage on the other side of the bags, described in the press release as “clever”: “Hugs & Knishes,” “I’m On My Munch Break” and “Don’t Give Up the Chip.”

Umm… Suggestion. As a guy who often brings his own lunch to work I’d like to see A&P offer one that looks like a wrinkled, reused brown bag — to replace the actual wrinkled, reused brown bag I currently use. And if they have to add a saying, how about “Caution: Leftovers — Consume At Your Own Risk.”