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Stuart Aitken left CEO of Dunnhumby USA
<p> Stuart Aitken (left) CEO of Dunnhumby USA</p>

NRF: Relevance of Marketing as Important as Medium

NEW YORK — Companies sometimes get too caught up in focusing on communicating with customers through new media when in fact the message itself and timing of the message are just as important, said Stuart Aitken, chief executive officer, Dunnhumby USA, in a presentation at the National Retail Federation’s 101st Annual Convention and Expo here Monday.

“Delivering the right message at the right cadence is just as important as the medium that you use,” he said.

He also noted that the explosion of social media use by consumers is creating a wealth of new data that can be tapped, and is leading to a need to focus on more than just those customers who are loyal, but also on those who are also advocates of the brand.

Dunnhumby USA, which is 50% owned by Cincinnati-based Kroger Co., has been working with Macy’s for the last few years to make the kind of shift toward customer-centricity that the company helped Kroger achieve, Aitken and the other panelists said.

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