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Our Hotel's Take on Sustainability

Our Hotel's Take on Sustainability

It's a testament to the organizers of the Organic Summit that they chose a host facility that exhibits a sensitivity to the issues that concern attendees of this one-day symposium being held just before the start of Expo East. Organic might be the main topic of discussion today, but the folks here also understand that in the truest sense of the word, "organic" is all about sustainability, of producing food in ways that do not deplete environmental resources.

What does this have to do with a hospitality and lodging? Plenty, in this case. The Seaport Hotel here has individual recycling bins installed in every room for newspapers and magazines, as well as bottles and aluminum cans. There are also small signs about the room exhorting guests to be mindful of recycling and reusing whenever possible.
In the bathroom, you won't find those tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner and hand soap. Instead there are bulk dispensers affixed to the shower wall for the hair care stuff and a big pump bottle of hand soap next to the sink. Housekeepers simply have to refill the dispensers - no throwing out half-used plastic bottles or rifled-through newspapers.

I am sure these green touches weren't lost on attendees when they saw them after checking in. They certainly caught my eye.