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Over and Out

Over and Out


If you've been to a trade show, you know how the last hours are. Fewer stakeholders, more looters pillaging the aisles. No exception here, but the opinion of everyone in the business that we spoke to said, without exaggeration, that Expo West was a success. There were lots of fresh ideas discussed as a bruised, but far from battered, industry emerges from this recession.

The timing couldn't be better, actually. If you review the past entries, you'll see there are plenty of trends bubbling, fresh packaging initiatives, rebranding all around and a host of unique products ready to hit the market this spring. You'll see.

There were more than 50,000 people attending the show, and 3,000 booths on two floors. Even if the economy isn't quite up to speed yet, the natural products industry is already way ahead of the curve. In fact, based on what we saw and heard there, it'll likely help lead the retail food business back to a position of strength. We'll see if that happens by the time Expo East takes place this fall in Boston. That show has taken on the Organic Trade Association's "All Things Organic" show, so this autumn will give everyone another reason to check out what's new.

Because if it's one thing you can count on with natural foods manufacturers, it's innovation and passion.