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Please Recycle

Please Recycle


For a trade show with 65,000 attendees, recycling is a big commitment. But Expo West is one show where sustainability is very much a part of the fabric of what goes on here. So, it's no surprise to see such a large-scale effort, not only to recycling, but to green operations as well. Last year, the show did away with printed programs, and just this year introduced an app (see my colleague Michael Garry's post for more on that).

Exhibitors themselves are contributing to the cause. Last year, Nature's Path, the Canada-based make of cereals and snacks, unveiled a booth that included recycled wood display shelving, recycled carpeting and other green elements. Other booths have made similar decisions to incorporate sustainable or recycled materials into all aspects of their operations, including trade shows.

Hey, if you sell in this space, being committed to sustainable manufacturing practices is part of the pitch.