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PMA 2014: New produce merchandising, products

PMA 2014: New produce merchandising, products

As customers are looking for new ways to consume fruits and vegetables, some suppliers gave showgoers creative applications of their products at the PMA Fresh Summit conference in Anaheim. 

One cranberry supplier, for instance, handed out cranberry salsa — hot and mild — with tortilla chips. The salsa highlighted the savory possibilities of the fruit beyond Thanksgiving and could be used at retail for demoing.

Wholly Guacamole topped hot dogs and turkey sliders with their guacamole. Avocado isn't unheard of on burgers, but this was the first time I thought about adding guacamole to other meats that came from the grill.

Several products themselves were unexpected or creative twists on what's already out there. The Back to the Roots AquaFarm is a consumer-friendly version of aquaponics. Typically in aquaponics the fish waste feed the plants, and both the plants and fish could be harvested, but in this version a beta fish feeds herbs on top.

One other product that caught my eye on the show floor was pre-roasted garlic by Christopher Ranch. This type of product fits right into the trend of consumers looking for convenience, but still wanting foods that can take some time to prepare. The roasted garlic was demoed on top of a pizza.

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