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Preparing to Meet the Future

If someone offered to reveal the future of food and the fine-points about how to become a leader, you’d probably be all ears. Well, that will all happen before the first refreshment break on the first day of Food Marketing Institute's exciting new Future Connect event. And there’s plenty more to follow at the three-day conference, which runs from October 12 to 14 in Dallas.

My colleague Mark Hamstra and I will keep you up to date as the conference proceeds, so check back often to this blog.

My sense is that the conference’s multiple tracks will make the show accessible to attendees with a wide variety of titles and functions – including operations and top corporate management -- as well as future leaders of all stripes.

The forum will focus on topics that are important today, but will become even more high profile after the recession and as generational shifts continue. FMI recognizes the need for ongoing education, and has created a Continuing Educational Portal for that purpose.

So let the learning begin!