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Rollin' on Down to Georgia

Rollin' on Down to Georgia


It’s produce time. After we put the finishing touches on the Fresh Market section for Monday’s issue, I’m headed to Atlanta to dive into the fruit and veggie world at Fresh Summit.

I’m looking forward to checking out the panels that deal with the changing marketplace. It’s at that point that even most of the former holdouts have made their way onto some form of social media. My grandmother—who admittedly is very comfortable with technology—has been on Facebook for years.

With all these folks logging on, panels like “The Brave New World of Marketing: Meet the Digital Consumer”; “Connecting With Food Bloggers to Increase Sales”; and “The Importance of Telling Your ‘$tory’” look to address the changing scope of consumer influence.

Since the way we shop has also changed, it’s nice to see that the panel “Speaking the Language of Shoppers: Today's Produce Manager” aims to zero in on current shopper priorities and influencers when they are dashing into the store to grab something for dinner.

In addition to blogging, I’ll be sharing some show observations on Twitter at @JennaTelesca.