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Seafood Expo: What’s on the menu

Seafood Expo: What’s on the menu

Sunny skies in Boston for the Seafood Expo.

It’s been a cold winter, but the sun is shining here in Boston. I’m here for the newly renamed Seafood Expo North America (formerly the International Boston Seafood Show). Tomorrow morning I’ll be attending the panel “Molecules can kill — Plus, other fun facts about food allergies!” While those facts might not meet most people’s definition of "fun," the issue of food allergies is an important one and a topic often overlooked outside the bakery department.

The panel “How can we increase seafood consumption in the U.S.?” will benefit from both the supermarket and QSR perspective with speakers from Long John Silver’s and Demoulas Market Basket.

As far as I know Chipotle doesn’t offer any seafood products, but Joshua Brau, director of the company’s Food With Integrity program, will be talking about lessons learned from sustainable food systems in the “Putting the ‘food’ back in seafood’” panel. With Chipotle’s bold sustainability messaging — that most recently includes an extended ad that received 12 million views on YouTube as well as a sponsored Hulu TV series — it will be interested to hear what he has to say about the seafood industry’s sustainability efforts.

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