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SN Poll Results: 2022 Predictions

SN Poll Results: 2022 Predictions

Don’t expect produce to take over the center of the plate anytime soon, according to SN’s poll respondents. Only 5% thought this was the most likely prediction for 2022 made by panelists at the Fresh Summit Convention and Expo. More likely? The growth of small format stores. Fifty-six percent of respondents said this prediction, made by Leslie Sarasin, CEO and president of the Food Marketing Institute, will come true.

“Consumers are growing increasingly uneasy with the gigantic box stores. They want manageable, cozy stores with a reasonable amount of good choices not hundreds of the same items. Too overwhelming. They are flocking to stores like The Fresh Market,” one SN reader wrote in response to the poll.

Also likely, according to 14% of poll respondents, is that there will be more food safety progress in 2022.

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