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Stealth Health at the Baking Seminar

Katie Martin, editorial director of Modern Baking and Baking Management, reports from today's Healthy Baking Seminar, held during education day at Expo East:

Simon Stevenson, pastry chef and Bake Shop manager for the University of Massachusetts, gave a demonstration on how to make healthful products that students, especially college-age ones, will eat.

The key to addressing this group is to walk the fine line between educating them about what is good for them and achieving "stealth health," or sneaking healthy ingredients into products and not necessarily advertising the fact they are in there. This way, the students will still eat your products and you can tell them about all the good stuff they just ate after the fact. He cited an example of zuccinni bread. When he put out a sign saying it was vegan zuccinni bread, hardly any one ate it, but when he left off the vegan and just put a sign out saying it was zuccinni bread, he could barely keep up with demand, and it was the same product.

This might not be something for all markets, but if you are trying to reach younger people who might not care so much about health yet, you can still make products that are better for them and that they will eat. And remember, "If it doesn't taste right, it's wrong," Stevenson said.