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Supermarkets Get Good Grades

Shoppers might not be going there as often as they used to, but they like their supermarkets just as much — if not more — than ever, according to Food Marketing Institute’s 2011 Trends survey.

The results of the survey, released in a presentation at FMI’s Future Connect conference, showed that consumers’ satisfaction with their primary store rose to 8.4 on a scale of 1 to 10, and 95% of shoppers polled said they would recommend their primary store.

Perhaps just as important, the survey found that shoppers are overwhelmingly confident in the safety of the food they buy in supermarkets.

Even though economic conditions have made life difficult for shoppers, “you are doing the right thing,” Leslie G. Sarasin, president and chief executive officer, Food Marketing Institute, said in a presentation.

The economy remained the No. 1 concern for retailers in the corresponding Speaks survey of supermarket operators, she said, followed by health care costs.

More Speaks data is expected to be released Wednesday.