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Trash and Inspiration

Trash and Inspiration

No one needed the coffee service.

That's because conference attendees received a bolt of energy at this morning's opening with the music of the unconventional Texas-based group Vocal Trash. The players offered their renditioins of everything from 70s pop to rap. More important than the choices of music, however, were the acrobatics and high energy displayed for some 20 minutes, which made everyone realize this wasn't going to be your typical industry forum.

That performance was soon followed by another energetic segment: an address by Pat Summitt, the legendary head women's basketball Coach of the University of Tennessee, who mixes tough love with advocacy for her players. Her message was all about the need to be great to win.

"Building a great team is all about people," she said, hitting the perfect note for this event. "We have 1005 wins, but I have never scored a basket for the university. Who scored? the team. Teamwork works."

Her message focused partly on the need to choose the right teammates. "Look for competitors, people who know how to win."

But it also pushed the concept of team over individual. "The best talent doesn't always make the best team, but teamwork works all the time."