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Winn-Dixie Exercises New Yogurt

Winn-Dixie Exercises New Yogurt

The dairy case at Winn-Dixie Stores just got some new competition. Luckily, this product favors the retailer, since it’s a private label yogurt, a new organic line that also includes added health benefits.

wd_yogurts.jpgThe five-item line, Winn-Dixie Organic Active Yogurt, is available in six-ounce containers of strawberry, blueberry, peach, vanilla and raspberry flavors. They’re certified USDA organic, kosher, and have no artificial preservatives or flavors, according to the company.

What’s different about this product? Beside probiotics and prebiotics, this yogurt is infused with heart-healthy omega-3s, calcium and vitamin D, and three grams of fiber per serving. No other retailer in Winn-Dixie’s operating areas offers a yogurt with all of the same health benefits, according to officials.

“Our organic line continues to expand with new products geared towards improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” said Mary Kellmanson, W-D’s group vice president of marketing.

Retailers looking to stake a claim in wellness would be wise to look at the dairy category, one of the gateways to whole health. Besides fluid dairy, yogurt has captured the attention of many U.S. consumers as a healthful addition to their diets. It’s even been named the food of the decade.

Indeed, the entire yogurt category continues to rebound nicely from the recession. Figures from Mintel show that 2009 sales reached about $1.4 billion, up 32% over the prior five years. Though the big names — Dannon and Yoplait — lead the market, private label has emerged as a lively alternative, helped by the recent recession. Stats from the Private Label Manufacturers Association show that store-brand yogurt ranks among the top 20 in regards to volume, and has a 20% or so share of the category.

Stick your spoon in that and stir it around.