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Women Now Lead Organics

Women Now Lead Organics

Mother Nature must be resting well, secure in the knowledge that the four leading organic organizations in the United States are now administered by women. The group took the stage at the 14th annual Organic Farming Research Foundation luncheon to the applause of the hundreds in attendance. It's the first time all four non-profit organizations have been run by women.


The group (pictured left but not in order) includes Maureen Wilmot, executive director of the OFRF; Christine Bushway, executive director of the Organic Trade Association; Joan Boykin, executive director of the Organic Center; and Peggy Miars, executive director/CEO of the Organic Materials Review Institute.

"The fact that women are leading these four major national organizations at the same time is a delightful coincidence," said Wilmot. "In the last three years, the boards of all four organic organizations have chosen the best and the brightest to lead the way, and it just so happened we were all women."

A release that accompanied the get-together notes that having women in leadership positions in the organic agriculture sector is only natural given that, today, the majority of food purchases are made by women and that 22% of all organic farmers are women (according to the USDA).

The OFRF luncheon is always well-attended and serves as the unofficial launch of the expo. It's the first real opportunity to catch up with colleagues and business partners from across all categories and segments of the industry. And the organic food that's served is always delicious. The Moms in the room don't have to tell anyone to eat their vegetables.