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Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

Well, what can we say? The last day of the show is always a strange experience. The floor traffic is down, there are no real special events or educational seminars, vendors have more time to talk, and the general mood is more mellow. Kind of of like dropping by the local store to pick up a paper on Sunday morning.

sign.jpgWithout exception, everyone loved the venue. The folks at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center were polite, helpful and professional. The award-winning facilities are a pleasant change, and the city itself was alive this week with the shouts of Red Sox fans (a collective roar — literally — rocked the city at the end of game 5 of the ALCS on Thursday night). Then there were the Madonna fans who vogued their way over to TD Banknorth Garden, where the pop princess performed over two nights. The weather cooperated and everyone experienced a bit of classic New England autumn.

taxis.JPGThe show's organizer, New Hope Natural Media, has signed a multi-year contract with the city, so everyone will be back next year — and for a few more years after that. In 2009, the show will be held in late September. If we don't see you at Expo West in March, we'll see you here next year. And in the meantime, rejoin Jeff and I on our regular blog, WHRefresh.

Now, time to catch that cab.