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A Yoga Sculpture Garden

A Yoga Sculpture Garden

viv_tam.jpgGardens and apparel are two subjects that do not appear frequently in this blog but hey, when they come together, it’s a natural.

Select food stores sell yogawear — Whole Foods Market, Wal-Mart, Target and Meijer immediately come to mind — and the meditative practice fits nicely under the umbrella of health and wellness. Selections in this channel are, or course, limited (they’re foods stores, after all), but the presence of exercise clothing, no matter how limited the selection, does round out a store’s whole health message.

The designer Vivienne Tam has come up with a cool idea to promote sales of her new line of yogawear, debuting next month at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. She’s preparing a “Live Sculpture Garden” at the Barclay’s Capital Grove in Lincoln Center

The living installation includes 20 leading female practitioners “dressed head to toe in Vivienne Tam,” performing choreographed yoga led by several renowned yoga experts, according to the press materials.

The idea sounds compelling. Nothing beats live action to sell an item, whether it's prepared foods from a demo kiosk in the deli area or, well, a line of yogawear in the apparel/wellness department. Talk about moving some sales.

[Photo credit: Vivienne Tam]