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As CBD gets closer to legal, suppliers are ready

Snacks, drinks and more are waiting to fill store shelves

Last month, Congress introduced a bill to legalize CBD fully that would allow the substance to be added to food and drinks as a dietary supplement. This would be the first step toward regulation in a market that has become a free-for-all, and is seen as a nudge for the Food and Drug Administration, which has been exploring whether to create a legal pathway for CBD in food and supplements, but has not begun formal rulemaking.

Industry observers are optimistic, however, that CBD will be approved as an ingredient. Meanwhile, marketers are ready with a slew of new CBD products for grocery store shelves. Among these are CBD-infused sparkling water from Sweet Reason; energy bars made of soft hemp hearts and sweetened with raw honey; a powdered CBD coconut mix designed for after workouts; and for all those guilty-pleasure snackers out there, a raw cookie dough treat made with CBD.

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