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The SN News Quiz!
Consumers are snacking more than ever.png

The SN News Quiz: Consumers want healthy snacks

Here are the results of last week’s SN News Quiz!

1. Which social media company is moving in on the holiday season shopping via the launch of its own Black Friday event?

  • Instagram
  • Facebook 
  • TikTok (woohoo)

2. Which city is looking into the possibility of a city-owned grocery store?

  • Chicago (you got it!)
  • Philadelphia 
  • Los Angeles 

3. Which grocer was named as our Supermarket News 2023 Retailer of the Year??

  • Kroger
  • Aldi 
  • Hy-Vee (yes!)

Bonus question: Consumers are snacking more than ever, but the nature of their snacking is evolving to become more mindful. Millennials, who lean toward healthy snack options, are still interested in bars and meat snacks.

Are you seeing increased interest in these types of snack products?

  1. Yes you are seeing increased interest(66.7%)
  2. No (30%) you are not seeing increased interest
  3. Other (write in) 

Looks like most of you are seeing increased interest in snacks.


Think you know grocery? Take our most recent 3-question quiz here. Betcha can’t get all three!

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