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For the big game, 56% of consumers polled by Numerator said they plan to spend the same amount on food and beverages as usual, 15% plan to spend more and 13% plan to spend less.

COVID surge sways Super Bowl fans to stick to home-field celebrations

70% of consumers to spend the same or more on food and beverages as last year

The Omicron COVID-19 variant stands to limit Super Bowl celebrations to mostly at-home affairs this year, but shoppers will be sticking to the same game plan when it comes to grocery purchases, an analysis by consumer data specialist Numerator finds.

Sixty-two percent of more than 1,800 consumers polled said they expect the Omicron variant to affect their Super Bowl plans, with more than a quarter (26%) expecting the COVID impact to be significant, according to the 2022 Numerator Super Bowl survey, released yesterday. 

Overall, three-quarters of respondents plan to watch the game, but 55% will do so at home alone or with members of their household, up five points from previous years, Numerator said. Two percent of consumers aim to watch the game from a bar or restaurant. Among other Super Bowl rituals, 39% of consumers said they look forward to gathering with others, and 38% are enthused about eating and drinking.


The 2022 Numerator Super Bowl survey showed that 45% of consumers plan to buy beer, a percentage that rises to 52% among avid sports fans.


Despite fewer gatherings, seven in 10 consumers surveyed reported they expect to spend the same or more on food and beverages for the Super Bowl as last year. Of those, 56% plan to spend the same as usual, 15% plan to spend more and 13% plan to spend less. Seventeen percent indicated they won’t make any Super Bowl purchases, and, of this group, 5% typically have made purchases for the big game in the past. 

Sixty-nine percent of Super Bowl watchers said they will buy alcoholic beverages, including 45% planning to purchase beer (52% among avid sports fans), 23% expecting to buy wine and 20% looking to purchase spirits. Other planned alcohol spending for the game includes hard seltzers (cited by 14% of consumers) and ready-to-drink cocktails (12%). The latter two categories “significantly over-index” with Generation X and younger Millennial consumers, indicating a potential shift in Super Bowl alcoholic beverage share, according to Numerator.

For the big game, consumers also continue to embrace online grocery purchases. Numerator said 27% plan to order their Super Bowl groceries online, versus 28% in 2021, with 16% using store pickup and 11% opting for home delivery. 

Some consumers are adapting purchasing behaviors amid rising grocery pricing. Seven in 10 survey respondents said inflation likely will affect their Super Bowl shopping plans, and one-quarter expect a significant impact from elevated prices, Numerator reported. As a result, 38% will seek out promotions, 27% will switch to lower-priced brands, 23% will shop at different retailers and 19% will buy smaller products. Also, 19% said they will avoid certain products, and 10% will buy in bulk to save money.

The 2022 Super Bowl, between the National Football League’s Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, will be held Feb. 13 at the Rams’ home field.

Game-day snack standards remain favorites

January surveys by The Kroger Co.’s 84.51° data analytics arm reveal that consumers are sticking to traditional Super Bowl munchies for the game.

Of those polled by 84.51°, 75% plan to serve chips and dips, and 44% will have alcoholic beverages. Other favorites on tap for game day include home-made appetizers (43%), pizza (39%) and pre-made appetizers (35%).

The 84.51° surveys also detected that the uptick in COVID-19 cases fueled by Omicron is affecting the shopping experience. Forty percent of respondents said they are extremely concerned about COVID, up 11% from December. In turn, 24% of consumers reported enjoying grocery shopping less than the previous month because of elevated COVID cases and unvaccinated shoppers.

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