Dinnerly Dinnerly

Dinnerly meal kits aim at value-oriented consumers

New venture offers $5 per serving, simplified meals

Dinnerly, a discounted meal kit option from Martha & Marley Spoon, is looking to infiltrate the discount meal kit market with a $5 per serving price point and simplified recipes.

The kits contain only one or two ingredients that need to be chopped, with a total of only six ingredients per package. The recipes are also designed to require 30 minutes or less of prep and cook time, are advertised as “picky-eater approved,” and are available in either two- or four-serving packages.

The product, which first launched on the West Coast this summer, is now available nationwide.

A leading competitor, Blue Apron, hangs its hat on upscale cooking experiences rather than financial efficiency, but that’s a route that Dinnerly plans to avoid.

Founder and CEO Fabian Siegel said that he believes the average American family spends about $5 per serving when cooking meals at home on their own. Thus, $10 meal kits may be out of financial reach for a large part of the potential customer base.

In order to keep overhead low and offer a more affordable product, various steps to “simplify” the kits were taken. 

Physical recipe cards are not shipped with the meals but are only available digitally and can be printed. Delivery is also not free.

Siegel said that he would rather cut down on those amenities than compromise the quality of the food itself.

“Take all the luxuries out that people don’t want to pay for and don’t need but keep the core value,” said Siegel. “While the quality of food is the same, it’s just a bit simpler.” 

Dinnerly’s parent, Martha & Marley Spoon, is based in New York City.

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