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Online grocery shoppers upping virtual purchases: Survey

Online grocery shoppers upping virtual purchases: Survey

More than half of online grocery shoppers say they are increasing the amount of total grocery shopping they do online, according to results of a new survey.

The survey, conducted by 72 Point Inc. and commissioned by online organic grocer Door to Door Organics, found that online shoppers increased virtual grocery shopping by an average of 29% over the last year and say that around 19% of their total weekly grocery shopping is done online.

The majority of consumers still rely on multiple online and brick-and-mortar stores to complete their weekly grocery shopping, the survey found. Only 13% of survey respondents said a single store meets their weekly grocery shopping needs, while 34% shop at two stores during a typical week and 53% shop at three or more online and/or offline grocery stores each week.

When it comes to what grocery products consumers are buying online, 23% of respondents said they do not buy fresh grocery products online. Of those who do purchase produce and other fresh grocery items online, 57% said they had been disappointed in the quality or freshness of these purchases at least once in the last year.

When asked what would make them feel more secure about the quality of fresh groceries when ordering online, 58% said knowing that the products were recently picked or packaged would increase their confidence, and 51% would be more comfortable if the fresh products were sourced from a local farm.

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