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Western Canada Superstores launch Guiding Stars

Western Canada Superstores launch Guiding Stars

Loblaw Cos. said Tuesday that its Real Canadian Superstore locations in Western Canada are now offering the Guiding Stars nutrition navigation program, providing at-a-glance nutritional ratings for foods found throughout the store.

The Guiding Stars program is designed to complement existing on-the-package nutritional tables and labels, and national nutrition guidelines. The program scores food on a three-star scale based on nutrient density using an objective scientific algorithm grounded in current dietary guidelines and the recommendations of national regulatory and health organizations.

"Guiding Stars is a family-friendly tool that translates dietary requirements in a visual and practical way," Melanie Byland, registered dietitian and senior manager of Loblaw’s dietitian program, said in a statement.

"With the new school year just around the corner, it's a great time to refresh old routines and start new ones. Incorporating Guiding Stars into your family's grocery shopping routine will provide quick and easy guidance on the nutritional quality of the food choices your family is making."


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A recent survey conducted by the team at Loblaw’s President's Choice brand has found that the majority (68%) of Canadian parents feel that their children are more health conscious than they were at the same age. Nearly all parents (91%) who felt that their children are more health conscious feel that their kids are making healthier eating choices.

However, while kids want to make healthy choices, half of parents say they still find it a challenge to regularly prepare healthy meals at home. The No. 1 reason is not having enough time (47%), while some (15%) report lacking the required knowledge to prepare healthy meals at home. The Guiding Stars program is a fast and informative tool for parents and families.

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