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What you think about
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What you think about: Convenience vs. price

We asked about a recent trend in retail: Here are your thoughts

Walmart CEO John Furner declared recently that he believes the demand for convenience trumps the advantage of price. Furner says consumers are seeking to spend more time with their families, and that the demand for convenient solutions to help them do that often outweighs price in their decision-making. 

What are your own habits like, how are you grocery shopping? For convenience? For price?

Here’s what you had to say: 

Brian Ballard, Retail Leader
If this is truly the case, there should be a focus on fixing the checkout process. New self checkout policies have created bottlenecks and increased TIME in the store. The customer who orders online and pickup at store is provided a better shopping experience and costing more labor $$ for the store. I come in, shop for myself, and check myself. It almost seems as if retailers don’t want customers coming in the store anymore.

Al Lemoi, CEO at Toro Foods, Inc.
If convenience outweighs price, then we wouldn't be shopping at a 180,000 sq ft store. CEO John Furner is incorrect in his assessment.

Donald King, Analyst
Easy in and out. Don’t make it difficult on the consumer to find their needs and wants. Switch the approach from being product oriented to consumer oriented. Knowledgeable employees on floor at all times to help customers. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been interrupted while stocking my delivery to a grocery store, I could retire and live on the beach in Tahiti.

Victoria ScottView, Senior Business Analyst
When the price is more expensive for pickup in the app (H-E-B) I schedule my pickup with 20-30 mins buffer time to zip in and get the few things I need that aren’t on my pickup list. If my time allowance is scheduled, I stick to my list, avoid end caps, and pray for just 2-3 people in front of me in the checkout line.

Stacey W., Marketing Coordinator at Anderson Merchandisers
Thanks to the Walmart app, I get convenience and stay in budget. I am a lot more conscious of the cost of items by shopping online vs in the store. Less impulse shopping also. This has greatly reduced my grocery bill.

Claire Wild, Sales & Marketing at Next Wave Seafood
What about quality? That's my criteria for food purchasing!

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