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Feb. 4, 2013: Super Bowl Special

Super Bowl XLVII may be history, but chicken wings and craft beer remain on a winning streak that will carry them right through the rest of 2013. Wings have become a Super Bowl staple, with 1.2 billion consumed during game weekend, according to the National Chicken Council. Wholesale prices for wings tend to peak during Super Bowl season, and are currently the most expensive part of the entire bird, pulling in about $2.11 per pound. Meanwhile, craft beer consumption may not be as strong, but its rate of growth within the beer category is unprecedented, according to Mintel. Nearly one quarter of consumers aged 22+ who drink beer indicated that they are imbibing more craft beer sold at stores in 2012 compared to the prior year. Yet, price figures prominently in purchase decisions. Some 56% of consumers polled by the research firm stated that domestic beer is a better value. Still, Mintel expects sales of these specialty recipes to pass $17 billion by 2017 — just in time for Super Bowl LI.