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Sept. 3, 2012: Home Cooks Look for Inspiration

Food websites are the No. 1 inspiration for home cooks to try new recipes for their families, according to a report from The website, which partnered with The Hartman Group to survey 1,391 members, also found that while consumers predominantly use desktop or laptop computers to search for recipes online, they are increasingly using smartphones and tablets. Visits to via mobile devices were up 218% in 2011. The survey found that 51% of shoppers reported using a smartphone while grocery shopping and 40% used a smartphone for creating shopping lists. The survey also highlighted some emerging eating trends, with views of sandwich-related recipes up 16% in 2011. The website attributes this in part to the growth in popularity of food trucks, which often specialize in innovative varieties of the portable, handheld meals. Still, only 4% of users had reported trying a Vietnamese Banh-mi sandwich.