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Survey: Consumers seek convenience, health in deli, bakery

Survey: Consumers seek convenience, health in deli, bakery

American consumers are looking for time-saving, healthy products in the deli, bakery and dairy, according to a new survey commissioned by PLMA.

Conducted by Surveylab, the study asked 800 respondents what products they would like to see more of and what improvements could be made to perimeter departments.

In the deli, 40% of consumers said they wanted “more items than can save me time at home.” Another popular choice was “heart healthy items, such as low sodium.” In general, shoppers said they wanted faster service in the deli and more nutritional information about the products.

Three in 10 consumers said they were looking for products with “less fructose, sugar, corn syrup and bad fats” in the bakery. The same percentage would like to see more products baked in-store.

Close to 40% of shoppers said they would like to see more cheese variety in the dairy department.


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Respondents also said they would like to see more product sampling and demonstrations in all perimeter departments.

“Consumers are making it clear they want convenience and speed in meal preparation,” PLMA president Brian Sharoff said in a press release, “and this is creating highly profitable opportunities for retailers’ store brands to respond with their own brands.”

According to the survey, 47% of shoppers buy private label products in deli, dairy and bakery always or frequently.

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