New Redner’s CEO shares vision for the future

With Ryan Redner’s move to president and CEP, stewardship of the store has stayed in the family for three generations

The new president and CEO of Redner’s Markets Inc., Ryan Redner, said that though there is a new face at the helm, the day-to-day operations and policies of the company would not be subject to any sudden or sweeping changes.

“This business is always evolving so any changes will be due to the ever-evolving world of the supermarket business,” Redner said, suggesting that the company’s natural progression will not be interrupted due to the change in authority.

“I want to have my hands around the whole process of finding stores, evaluating [potential locations] and negotiating leases,” Redner said when discussing which areas he will be more involved in following the promotion. Since 2007, Redner has served as COO.

“I want to dive deeper into all aspects of the business that perhaps I only had an arm’s length involvement in before,” he said of his goals moving forward.

Redner began working for the company, which was started by his grandparents nearly 50 years ago, in 1995 while also attending college. In 1999, he was appointed director of direct store delivery operations. In 2004, he was admitted to the board of directors.

“I’ve been strongly involved in day-to-day operations for quite some time,” Ryan added. “My dad certainly wanted to make things official and pass the torch to the new generation. His title will change a bit, but he’s still going to be involved.”

Redner’s predecessor and father, Richard Redner, will remain in a full-time role with the company and will retain his role as chairman of the board of directors. He will also serve as SVP of strategic planning.

“I felt it was time for the next generation to begin to take over,” the former CEO said in a statement. “I and the board have full confidence in Ryan’s ability to provide leadership for our company as we take the next steps into building a strong, 3rd generation of family in leadership positions.”

Redner’s is based in Reading, Pa. Its 44 grocery stores and 21 Quick Shoppes are located in eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

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