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Mother’s Day Comes Twice at Hank’s

HILLSBORO, Ore. — Hank’s Thriftway celebrates Mother’s Day floral sales twice — on May 10, Mexico’s Mother’s Day — and on the second Sunday in May, when Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated here.

The retailer’s base includes a large percentage of Hispanic customers, many of whom hail from Mexico, floral manager Lowanda Ancheta explained.

She was busy midweek putting together arrangements featuring vibrant colors favored by her Hispanic customers. The retail: $29.99 to $49.99.

“Our Hispanic customers also buy a lot of roses — most often in vases,” Ancheta told SN. “I also offer a 4-inch pot of mini-roses for $7. A great gift for a child to give mother or grandmother.”

Nearly a third of her total Mother’s Day sales are rung up on May 10. Afterward, she concentrates on an outdoor display set off by $20 “color bowls,” big sellers for Sunday’s Mother’s Day. These are planted with four high-color plants — a hydrangea, a calla lily, a Gerber daisy and a geranium.

About 24 feet of multi-shelf tables lined up out front showing off potted plants easily account for a quarter of Ancheta’s sales as the weekend nears, she said.

“The opportunity to display colorful plants outside this time of year, pushes Mother’s Day sales for us 25% over Valentine’s Day, which itself is a big day.”

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