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Raley’s offers personalized health program

Raley’s offers personalized health program

Raley’s Supermarkets has introduced “Let’s Begin,” a multi-dimensional effort inviting customers to take small steps toward a healthier lifestyle through education, personal goal setting and sharing. 

“We want to change the way the world eats, one plate at a time,” said Michael Teel, president and CEO of the West Sacramento, Calif., company.

Small, incremental changes in food choices and lifestyle options can make a significant impact over time, he said. As each individual’s food journey is a unique experience, Raley’s hopes to educate customers and help them select healthier choices.

The “Let’s Begin” website is structured to support customers’ personal goals, Raley’s said.

"Learning more about your food — where it comes from, how it was made and how personal choices affect your body — can be revolutionary to your health,” said Emmie Satrazemis, Raley’s wellness evangelist. “Your health is an accumulation of all the choices you make over a lifetime, so every snack, every sip and every meal is an opportunity to tip the odds in your favor. It only takes small and simple changes, like drinking more water or cooking more of your meals at home, to make a big difference.” 

While a food journey is a personal endeavor, studies show that support and motivation from others increase chances of success in making healthy changes. Raley’s customers and team members are encouraged to share “how they will begin” to make healthier choices, via social media using the hashtag #LetsBegin. 

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