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Bonum_Health-telemedicine_service-SpartanNash.jpg Bonum Health
SpartanNash pharmacies are offering the telemedicine service via Bonum Health's mobile app and website.

SpartanNash adds telehealth to pharmacy services menu

Partnership with Bonum Health offers digital access to primary care

SpartanNash has enlisted digital health technology specialist Bonum Health to provide telehealth services to pharmacies in all company-owned supermarkets.

Under the partnership, pharmacies at Family Fare, Martin’s Super Markets, D&W Fresh Market, VG’s Grocery, Econofoods, Family Fresh Market and Forest Hills Foods stores will offer patients direct access to doctors and other health care providers via the Bonum Health mobile app and website, SpartanNash said Monday. The Grand Rapids, Mich.-based grocery distributor/retailer operates 86 pharmacies in its 154 supermarkets.

Bonum Health care providers participating in the telemedicine program offer primary care and non-emergency services, according to SpartanNash. Patients can log in from a mobile device or computer for a one-time visit costing $29 or buy a telehealth subscription for $11 per month. Monthly subscriptions provide one adult and all household dependents ages 18 and younger with up to five telemedicine visits per month. Prescriptions, if needed, can be transmitted directly to a patient’s local SpartanNash pharmacy, providing added convenience.

“The SpartanNash partnership with Bonum Health promotes equitable access to U.S. board-certified providers and allows any guest who may be uninsured, underinsured or simply looking for cost savings with immediate, high-quality care,” SpartanNash President and CEO Tony Sarsam said in a statement. “This offering builds on the many great services and care already available from our SpartanNash pharmacists.”


Patients can get care through one-time visit and monthly subscription options, and prescriptions can be sent directly to SpartanNash in-store pharmacies.

SpartanNash noted that its retail pharmacies also provide immunizations — including COVID-19 vaccines — as well as COVID-19 testing, the Timely Meds medication adherence program (pre-dosed monthly prescription packs), the Medsave card for discounts on prescription and over-the-counter medicines, and medication safety initiatives, among other health services. SpartanNash pharmacies are located in Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

“Together, Bonum Health and SpartanNash can deliver an easy, end-to-end health care experience for patients who are on the go and needing quick, reliable medical advice, followed by a convenient place to pick up prescriptions, groceries and other household necessities,” commented Ashton Maaraba, president of Bonum Health, a unit of the Land O Lakes, Fla.-based TRxADE Group online drug marketplace, which serves more than 12,000 members nationwide. “With this partnership, Bonum Health and SpartanNash clinicians can seamlessly coordinate care to improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction.”

Other food and drug chains using Bonum Health services include Big Y Foods, Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy and Kinney Drugs.

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