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Costco Collects Signatures for Initiative 1100

ISSAQUAH, Wash. — Costco Wholesale Corp. is continuing its fight for the right to buy alcohol in large volumes at a discount that can be passed on to consumers.

The club chain is soliciting signatures as part of an effort to have Initiative 1100, which would privatize liquor sales in the state, placed on the November ballot, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Costco has contributed $535,000 to Modernize Washington, which is advocating for the change. The Kroger Co. has also pledged financial support, according to the report.

If passed the measure would repeal uniform pricing and certain other requirements governing business operations for distributors and producers of beer and wine.

As it stands Costco has to make separate wine and beer purchases for each of its stores from distributors, paying the same price as much smaller competitors.

Initiative 1100 would also direct the liquor control board to close all state liquor stores and authorize the sale, distribution and importation of spirits by private parties.

Costco’s push follows an anti-trust lawsuit it brought against Washington’s Liquor Control Board in 2004.

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