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Digital Audience Seeks Transaction Tools

COLORADO SPRINGS — Wakefern Food Corp. has found that customers on its digital platforms are seeking transaction-oriented tools rather than purely social networking-oriented interaction.

“Our customers want value, coupons, price — it’s transaction oriented,” said Cheryl Williams, vice president of marketing, in a presentation at the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s Executive Conference here.

As a result, the distributor plans to become even more sophisticated in the promotional space online, including unique and exclusive offers and customization, but not as much merely conversation-oriented initiatives, she said.

Wakefern is active on social media sites such as Facebook and its strategy is “leveraging social networks to drive people back to,” where they can view offers, conduct home shopping and handle other business, she said.

Wakefern’s business partner in the digital space is MyWebGrocer. That partnership has helped Wakefern advance in digital sectors ranging from website to mobile. MyWebGrocer’s founder, president and CEO, Rich Tarrant, Jr., joined Williams in the presentation and said that optimizing search has been beneficial for the retailer.

“Both paid and organic search is important, and a good organic search strategy leads to increased Web traffic,” he said.

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