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Draeger's Leverages Energy-Efficiency Program

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO — Draeger's Markets, a gourmet grocery market with four locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, has partnered with EnergySmart Grocer and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) to uncover thousands of dollars in savings with energy efficiency measures, receiving over $70,000 in measure rebates.

The EnergySmart Grocer Program, offered in the electric utility territory of San Francisco-based PG&E, provides no-cost energy assessments, technical assistance and financial incentives to grocers seeking to lower their operating costs through high-efficiency retrofits.

Over an eight month period, Draeger's completed several phases of an ongoing energy efficiency retrofit plan, including anti-sweat heat controls, ECM motors in refrigerated cases and walk-ins, floating head and floating suction pressure controls, lighting retrofits, and occupancy sensors.

Combined, the energy efficiency improvements created a projected annual savings of $126,720 and 974,763 kilowatt-hours, generating a 10% to 12.25% reduction in average daily kilowatt-hour usage chainwide.

"Working with EnergySmart Grocer simplifies what would be a very arduous process," said Richard Draeger, owner of Draeger's Market, in a statement.