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IDDBA Seminar: More Consumers Concerned About Nutrition

NEW ORLEANS — The International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association's Dairy-Deli-Bake 2008 Annual Seminar & Expo, June 1-3, got off to a start here with a rundown on research showing consumers in growing numbers are concerned about their health and their nutritional needs. A. Elizabeth Sloan, Sloan Trends & Solutions, Escondido, Calif., outlined her findings in an IDDBA-commissioned study. She reported that two-thirds of consumers are making a strong effort to eat more food that's good for them. That's up 17% from 2005. A whopping 80% said said they're making health-related changes in their diets, and, not surprisingly, 67% said their weight infuences their food purchases. Just over 90% of respondents said that, related to their health concerns, they read labels on products in supermarkets' full-service delis, self-service delis, full-service bakeries and self-service bakeries. The study also shows consumers equate freshness of product with healthiness. Seminars on such topics as marketing techniques, leadership and the future of retailing are on IDDBA's roster for the next two days.

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