Independent Grows by Promoting Fresh Departments

PENNINGTON, N.J. — Pennington Quality Market, a single-unit independent here just seven miles west of Princeton, N.J., has made a solid niche for itself with its fresh food departments. Situated in a very competitive area “where everybody is selling food,” the family-owned company is always on the lookout for opportunities and has nurtured some that have boosted its image as well as its sales.

Flowers and soup are part of this independent’s success story. Taking over a close-by florist when it went up for sale was a boon to business. So was hiring a former restaurant owner who had a huge following for her from-scratch soups. Her customers followed her to Pennington Quality Market (known as PQM in the community) because the retailer made it known she was there, still making her revered soups on a daily basis.

“Those soups have been a great addition to our prepared foods department and to catering. People order gallons of Patty’s soups from Catered Cuisine, our catering department,” said PQM’s vice president and general manager, Michael Rothwell.

The Pennington Quality Market story is the second in a new Supermarket News Fresh Market series — Independent Innovators — launched earlier this year. For more, read the full profile, "Pennington Quality Market Seizes Fresh Opportunities" in our March 19 issue.

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